What’s New? May Product Release Notes 2023

Reading Time: 2 minutes After months of user testing and customer feedback, we are excited to release new updates to the OWN IT App that will help you better track and understand changes in your health and wellness progress.

White Dental Partners with OWN IT: A Corporate Wellness Initiative

White Dental & OWN IT partner for a corporate wellness initiative

Reading Time: 7 minutes Across the entire employee group, staff members at White Dental experienced a 20.7% increase in heart rate variability (HRV) during the first 8 weeks of utilizing the OWN IT Coaching System. If you’re not familiar with HRV, it’s the body’s language which communicates how ready one’s body and nervous system is to take on stress & strain.

Why Health is The Foundation For Realizing Potential and Results

Reading Time: 5 minutes The CEO of a 100-person start-up, Cameron Vance (pseudonym for privacy purposes), by all external measures, was on top of his game in the cut-throat corporate world. He had just sold his company to a private equity firm during the pandemic, and was celebrating a huge win for himself and his whole team.