[Executive Cohort Case Study] From the Field to the Boardroom: Navigating Health and Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Written By Ruben Herrera, March 2024 Graduate of OWN IT Executive Cohort LeBron James and Tom Brady, among others, stand as towering figures in the world of sports. They are renowned not only for their remarkable careers but also for their unwavering dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. They invest heavily in their health, […]

Windy City Storm Increases Readiness to Perform by 22%

Reading Time: 6 minutes Joe Meloni, the Director of Sports Performance for AAA hockey program Windy City Storm, was looking for the missing piece of the puzzle around higher performing athletes when he read Justin Roethlingshoefer’s book, Intent, and became curious about the benefits of using wearables to improve recovery and performance.

How to Maximize Recovery While Traveling

How to Maximize Recovery While Traveling

Reading Time: 9 minutes Traveling adds challenges to prepare athletes for games. As performance coaches, it’s our job to educate athletes on managing those stresses.