[Executive Cohort Case Study] From the Field to the Boardroom: Navigating Health and Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Written By Ruben Herrera, March 2024 Graduate of OWN IT Executive Cohort LeBron James and Tom Brady, among others, stand as towering figures in the world of sports. They are renowned not only for their remarkable careers but also for their unwavering dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. They invest heavily in their health, […]

White Dental Partners with OWN IT: A Corporate Wellness Initiative

White Dental & OWN IT partner for a corporate wellness initiative

Reading Time: 7 minutes Across the entire employee group, staff members at White Dental experienced a 20.7% increase in heart rate variability (HRV) during the first 8 weeks of utilizing the OWN IT Coaching System. If you’re not familiar with HRV, it’s the body’s language which communicates how ready one’s body and nervous system is to take on stress & strain.